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Stanislav Chvála appointed new Nano Energies CEO

Czech technology company Nano Energies’ new CEO plans to expand to new markets and introduce further innovations in smart management, flexibility and energy sharing.

Prague, 30 October 2018 – Stanislav Chvála has been  appointed the new CEO of Czech energy and technology company Nano Energies as of November 1. He has previously worked as the company’s Strategy and Business Development Director. Under Stanislav’s leadership  the company plans to enter new spot electricity markets, extend the energy flexibility model to industrial clients and launch innovations in peer-to-peer energy sharing among households.

The decision to appoint Stanislav Chvála was made by Nano Energies shareholders Petr Rokůsek, Tomáš Janeček and Jan Škampa. “Stanislav is a great manager who makes clear, strategic and pragmatic decisions. We have every confidence in him and I believe that our customers will soon have reason to appreciate his work, too,” commented Petr Rokůsek, Nano Energies founder and co-owner.  

Stanislav Chvála joined the company in March 2018, taking on the development of  energy flexibility smart management for producers and expanding the company’s offering for end-customers in the Czech Republic and abroad, including peer-to-peer energy sharing. Previously, Stanislav has worked for energy and technology companies such as ČEZ ESCO and Siemens and for banking houses Lloyds and Morgan Stanley in London.

Stanislav Chvála plans to lead Nano Energies into new markets and areas of business. “Over the past 10 years, Nano has proven that one can be successful at doing business in the energy sector while remaining sustainable and in harmony with nature. I want us to keep introducing new technologies to the market and providing smart management  for industry producers and consumers while also increasing the number of households and end-customers who use 100% green, Czech electricity at home or at work,” said Chvála.

About Nano Energies:

Nano Energies is a modern energy company that has been trading electricity efficiently and sustainably since 2008 via three subsidiaries with the aim of bringing more freedom to businesses and consumers. The company’s shareholders are Petr Rokůsek, Tomáš Janeček and Jan Škampa.