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Putting it very simply, the whole system works like this: the electricity supplier purchases electricity from the producer. Most of the electricity that is produced in the Czech Republic comes from coal and nuclear energy, but the percentage of renewable resources in this mix has been growing significantly in recent years. After that, the supplier signs a contract with you the customer and informs the OTE (The Electricity Market Operator) about both actions. The OTE runs a register of all sources and supply points across the Czech Republic. Your electricity is transported through the distribution grid, which is managed only by 3 companies (ČEZ, E-ON and PRE), and then goes via your electric meter to its designated destination. The distribution companies charge electricity suppliers for using their distribution service. This charge is state-regulated and cannot be affected in any way. This charge is then passed on to you the customer by your supplier, who also adds to it the price of the electricity you have been supplied, ie. the electricity you have really consumed.

We are the only supplier in the Czech Republic to offer 100% green electricity, ie. made exclusively from renewable resources. With the work we do, we contribute to making people more energy self-sufficient, whether question is of households or towns.

The legislation being as it is at the moment, there is no reason for why green electricity should be more expensive than normal electricity. If you compare us with other electricity traders in the Czech Republic, you will find that our prices are comparable, very often even more favourable than theirs.

It is true that the electricity you use comes from a number of sources. Your lightbulb will therefore still shine the same. But what's important is the source of electricity that powers up that lightbulb. Just like Fair Trade, we guarantee that the source from which our ecologically-friendly electricity comes from is environmentally sound.

Each year, we are independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit s.r.o. who check that we can guarantee the clean origins of our electricity and prove that we buy out more green electricity every month of every year than we sell to our customers. So whoever buys electricity from us can be sure they will never be sold any other electricity than green.

According to the Energy Act, those who use the distribution grid must pay the distribution company for their services. At the moment, these are PRE, ČEZ and E-ON, depending on which region we are talking about. The charges are regulated, which means they are always the same for every electricity trader.

If you decide to connect with us, all you have to do is contact us by email or phone. Or, if you want, you can do an online order through our website calculator. It's easy to change suppliers. Once you sign the contract and power of attorney, we'll do all of the necessary admin for you.

In order for us to be able to draft a contract, we'll need to know a few things about your supply point. If you still have your last bill from your current supplier at hand (which should contain all of this information), please send it to us by email. We will use it to give you a price offer and send you a draft contract. You will be spared having to search for all the necessary technical information.

If you have a fixed-term contract, we will end it for you as of that date and thereby become your new supplier.

The possibility to change electricity suppliers is a right you have been given by law. The Energy Regulatory Office (ERU) is there to oversee that it is being observed. You therefore have every right and are very much free to choose whether or not you will change your electricity supplier. If ever you feel that your current or former supplier is giving you a hard time, you are entitled to file a complaint with ERU, who will, should they find that the law has been broken in some way, penalize the guilty party accordingly, sometimes even by taking away their license to trade. We therefore believe you have no reason to be afraid.

Should the situation arise that an electricity supplier stops supplying its customers for any reason, everyone is immediately transferred to what is called a supplier of last resort. A Supplier of Last Resort (DPI) is an entity on the electricity market that is obliged, under the circumstances laid down by law, to supply electricity to customers at the prices set by the Energy Regulatory Office. This service of being supplied with electricity by a supplier of last resort can be used by customers in the case that their current supplier has forfeited their ability to provide electricity. At the same time, a supplier of last resort should act as a sort of safeguard for small customers and households, who have the right to sign a contract with an electricity supplier of their choice but, for various reasons, have not succeeded in finding a supplier on the electricity market. The maximum length of a contract with a supplier of last resort is 3 months, with the possibility of prolonging the contract on request of the customer. The withdrawal period for contracts with suppliers of last resort is 1 day. Suppliers of last resort are, according to § 12a paragraph 3, article b), the following: ČEZ Prodej, PRE and E.ON Energie for defined areas according to "their" distributors, including embedded local distribution networks.

Yes, that can happen. When you decide to switch suppliers, we inform your current supplier and send them a request to agree with this transfer. If, however, we have been given some wrong details about the withdrawal period, your current supplier has the right to decline our request. Furthermore, fixed-term contracts cannot be withdrawn from and one must wait until they expire. If such complications arise, we will work with you on correcting the faulty information and we will once again file a request to change your supplier.

At Nano Energies, you sign a contract for the provision of electricity and ancillary services, which means that you will only be required to send one payment to us for everything altogether. We will pay the relevant charge for distribution services that is due to the distributor for you.

We receive all of the relevant electric meter data for each given time period from the distributor. It is the distributor's obligation to carry out the readings. The periods for which bills are made are therefore not determined by us, but by the distributor. The bill from the supplier you have ended your contract with will arrive within several days after the withdrawal period has expired. Then you will start paying us your deposits - always at latest on the 15th day of the month in question. We will send you your annual bill once the reading on your electric meter has been carried out by the distributor in your region, at the usual time.

At Nano Energies, you pay a fixed price per month, plus you pay for the electricity you have been supplied + regulated distribution charges. We transfer all payments for distribution services to the distributor every month. There are no other charges you have to pay. You pay nothing for activation services, connection or withdrawal from the contract. In some cases it will actually be us who pay you in the form of various price reductions and bonuses. In addition to that, because our conditions are fair, we are able to offer green electricity at cheap rates.

We understand that, sometimes, things can go a bit wrong financially and one simply doesn't have enough money to pay. It can happen to anyone of us. If ever you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to contact us as soon as possible, so that we have the time to try and find a solution together. On the other hand, if a customer does not pay us the due amount and fails to communicate with us too, we will, after having sent 3 reminders, give the case to our lawyers and file a lawsuit. Because we try to give all of our customers the best possible price, it would be very unfair for everyone to have to pay more for their electricity on account of a handful of debtors.

It is necessary to deal with the distributor if any outages or failures in electricity supply occur. It is in fact a service you are paying them to provide. In any case, you can always call us first and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

We wish we could, but unfortunately we cannot. The control of these intervals is in the power of the distributor.

If you decide to leave, you will be required to find a new supplier and sign a contract with them. Your new supplier will inform us of your decision. We are saddened whenever any one of our customers decides to leave us, but we have every respect for their decision. The contract you sign with us gives you the opportunity to make use of the shortest possible withdrawal period on the market - 1 month.

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