Finance is the professional field at the heart of Tomáš Janeček’s activities. Coupling his studies of finance with a specialisation in company law at the University of Economics in Prague, he then went on to secure a long standing position in management for the company RSJ. He first joined the company to work as a broker, while still finishing his degree. Nevertheless, it did not take long and he soon became a partner. He was involved in the management of the company and responsible for establishing their trading desk. At the moment, he is a shareholder of private investment fund RSJ Private Equity, which manages assets worth three billion CZK, and works with a number of other companies as well.

2008 became a year of capital importance for Tomáš Janeček. He and his wife had decided to open a kindergarten called Duhovka, and thus began their journey to build a complex educational system for children aged between 1 – 19. The school employs the Montessori method of education and children are taught in a bilingual Czech-English environment. “It was then that I fully immersed myself into the field of education. It never would have crossed my mind back then that only a few years later I would become involved in the activities of a company that specialises in the electricity trade.“

But in 2012, a former colleague from RSJ had introduced Tomáš Janeček to Petr Rokůsek. “I’m not a particularly technical sort of person, but I can appreciate a good idea when I see one. I was immediately thrilled by the company’s concept of using cutting-edge technology to lead people towards energy self-sufficiency. You see, it fit perfectly with my own ideas about the principles of freedom of decision. In addition to that, I saw that there was a person behind it all who had put and keeps putting an unbelievable amount of hard work into seeing his goals get achieved. And that is something I like to see very much.”

Tomáš Janeček had decided to take up the role of investor to support the fulfilment of Nano Energies’ vision. And so 2012 arrived and he became a shareholder of the company. Since then he has taken part in many strategic decisions about where Nano Energies will head in the future – both within the Czech Republic and on the international market.

“The other shareholders and I have found a truly exceptional harmony in our opinions, and by that I not only mean the world of business. Thanks to that it really is a pleasure to work with them and to keep expanding Nano Energies’ sphere of activity. With the experience I have gained over the years, I believe I can help the company by providing insight into the business environment. Apart from that, I’m also trying to lure more enthusiasts into joining the effort at Nano Energies, people who have the professional knowledge that we need to move the company along another step further into the future.“

It was 1995 and he was still in the middle of his degree in Environmental Sciences at the Czech Technical University in Prague, but Petr Rokůsek decided to start his own business. Together with a friend from the Netherlands, they established Jansen Display, a start-up that would soon go on to become a company with a number of international branches, trading in 40 countries around the globe. They specialised in the development and production of aluminium POS presentation systems, and by 2004 became a key player on the world market in this field. To the observer, it would seem that he had reached the sky’s limit. But Petr Rokůsek is one of those people who see that above every ceiling, there is another floor.

“The goals I had set for myself I had achieved with Jansen Display and the time came to decide what to do next. I took a piece of paper and jotted down all the things that were important to me: I wanted to work with people who are mature on the inside. I wanted the things I would go on to do to serve a higher purpose than to just make money. And most of all, I wanted to go back to the field I studied at university and work with the power of natural energy.”

So while others would have started fussing about the colour of their new Ferrari, Petr Rokůsek started becoming more and more attracted to an emerging field – nano technologies. He travelled the world, attended a myriad of conferences and took avid interest in every new discovery that the world of energy had achieved.

“The future is in nano technology. It’s opening up a world of entirely new possibilities for generating and conserving energy, and I believe that one day – and we will still be around to see it happen – it will prove to be the key to energy self-sufficiency,” he says and in the same breath adds, “when we look at things in terms of nano, we finally get to perfectly understand a whole range of phenomena around us, but what’s more, we can create entirely new things too. It’s fascinating.”

And that’s why when the moment arrived and the Czech market opened up in 2007, Petr Rokůsek invested into the purchase of a license that would enable him to enter the electricity trade, and wasted no time in establishing Nano Energies – a company destined to bring new technologies out from the laboratory and straight to the public.

His timing could not have been better. The Czech Republic was experiencing a boom in the use of photovoltaic power stations and the energy market was changing before one’s very eyes, its dynamic gaining ever stronger momentum thanks to the sheer number of new sources. Petr Rokůsek immediately started putting together a team of mathematicians and analysts, and joined them in their deep exploration of the many varied ways of the electricity market.

“What we basically did was turn the Czech Republic into an energy laboratory. We gradually uncovered how this whole complicated system works. With each new finding, we would discover just how ineffective the current system actually was and essentially just how unprepared it was to make way to new conditions. But knowing that only ended up fuelling our motivation even more to try to change things through Nano Energies.”

Nano Energies set down its goal and that is to gradually build the foundations to support the opportunity to move away from a centralised energy system towards a decentralised one. A system based on mutuality where people will get the chance to share their very own energy sources, while dealing with electricity with maximum effectiveness thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology.

„“I confess that it surprised me just how hard it is to get breakthrough technology from the laboratory and into our daily lives. But we are achieving it step by step and are already beginning to see positive results,” is Petr Rokůsek’s take on the work that Nano Energies has managed to achieve so far and further adds, “I’m immensely happy to have found this new goal that has maximum value for me professionally, philosophically and personally. I no longer have to divide my world of work and the time I spend doing something beneficial. They are both united within Nano Energes.”

From the very day that he joined Nano Energies, Jan Škampa was the man who stood behind the development and implementation of trading strategies. At the present time, he is responsible for all of the company’s analytics and trading.

“I see it both as a professional and personal challenge, and I definitely feel that I am at the right place at the right time. Several years back I found myself thinking about what I should do next and that’s when Nano Energies came along. It was exactly what I was looking for. A company that was doing something meaningful, a place where I could make full use of my strengths and take them even further”.

Jan Škampa joined Nano Energies in 2012 and became a partner just a year later. Before then, he was a professional poker player. He experienced great success in this field while still a student of economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague. At the age of 23, he won the prestigious EPT 2009 tournament which forever secured him his very own place in the history of poker.

“Poker has had a significant effect on my life. It has given me financial freedom and above all has enabled me to develop my analytical thinking skills and the ability to make important decisions within a short period of time – which are key qualities that are needed for the work I do at Nano Energies. I no longer feel the need to take part in tournaments. It is a chapter of my life that I have now closed. I achieved all the goals I had set for myself and it is time to find fulfilment in a different field,” Jan Škampa explains.

As he himself puts it, the motivation underlying his work for Nano Energies is not only the actual tasks he performs, but also the fact that he has found the right people to work with. Jan Škampa concludes by saying, “I find it absolutely crucial to work with partners who have a similar take on the world as I do. This is the case at Nano Energies and we have found consensus even about things like the fact that a great deal of the company’s profits should go to charitable purposes”.


Nano Energies, a.s. is a technological company that has been active on the Czech market since 2008. We trade in electricity through our subsidiary companies, Nano Energies Trade, s.r.o. and Nano Green, s.r.o., and offer businesses and households energy solutions that are generated by cutting-edge technologies and founded on the principles of sustainability.

Three shareholders stand at the head of the company since 2013: Petr Rokůsek (founder of the company who holds the majority share), Tomáš Janeček and Jan Škampa.


Nano Energies, a.s. is a technological company that has been active on the Czech market since 2008. We trade in electricity through our subsidiary companies, Nano Energies Trade, s.r.o. and Nano Green, s.r.o., and offer businesses and households energy solutions that are generated by cutting-edge technologies and founded on the principles of sustainability.

Three shareholders stand at the head of the company since 2013: Petr Rokůsek (founder of the company who holds the majority share), Tomáš Janeček and Jan Škampa.

Nano Energies, a.s. company based in HusinecŘež 130, post code 250 68 is listed under file number B14282 of The Municipal Court in Prague, identification number 28392191.

Nano Energies Trade s.r.o. is a major player on the Czech market for spot electricity. Apart from trading with electricity, the company also creates its very own products and technologies like smart grids, which help businesses and households optimise their electricity consumption (includes both the grid and personal sources – depending on when the purchase of electricity is most favourable). They also enable the hourly rate for electricity to be transferred to the customer, who can then profit from the favourable rates set by market dynamics. The result is a double digit percent decrease in energy costs as opposed to what common suppliers of electricity can offer.

Nano Energies Trade s.r.o. based in HusinecŘež 130, post code 250 68 is listed under file number C164560 of The Municipal Court in Prague, identification number 28664779.

Nano Green s.r.o. is the only company on the Czech market to offer customers who are concerned about the environment electricity that comes exclusively from renewable resources. Independent yearly audits by PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit, s.r.o. guarantee that the energy our customers get is 100% green.

Nano Green s.r.o. based in Václavské náměstí 837/11, Nové Město, 110 00 Prague 1 is listed under file number C219030 of The Municipal Court in Prague, identification number 02406233.

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