Green For Our Planet Tariff

Power up your household or business with green electricity that comes exclusively from renewable sources of energy. The electricity flowing into your socket does not have be generated in nuclear or coal power stations. Yearly audits conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers guarantee that the electricity we supply to our customers is 100% green.

What are the advantages?

  • 100% green certified electricity from renewable sources of energy
  • Easy on your budget – price of Green For Our Planet electricity is similar to non-green tariffs of dominant providers
  • For businesses and households all across the Czech Republic
  • Using electricity from renewable sources is easy

Electricity. Makes our lives so much easier. Every hour of every day. Every minute of our lives. It's always there, so we never really stop to think about it. Not looking deeper is rather comfortable, isn't it?

But the resources that make it all possible deserve our attention.

At Nano Energies, we believe that electricity can be generated and used a lot more efficiently than we see happening around us. And we know how.

Our Green For Our Planet electricity works on the principles of Fair Trade. We guarantee that every month over the course of the entire year, we will buy more green electricity from local producers than we will supply to our customers. Last year, we bought over twice as much green electricity than we supplied to our customers. That is how we support local entrepreneurship. If you decide to use electricity from renewable resources, we can work together to help make our local and global environment better.

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By using our green electricity to power up your apartment,
this is what you'll save the environment every year:

12 Tun
1 Tun
10 dnů
oxygen for 1 person




5 432 MWh
per year


1 232


18 000
per year

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