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At Nano Energies, we are constantly widening our network of producers from whom we purchase electricity. We are out to support the development of a decentralized system and that is why we are looking for partners - owners of various sources - all across the Czech Republic. We focus both on renewable resources, thanks to which we can offer small businesses and households 100% green electricity as part of the Green for planet tariff, and co-generation units, whose operation we are capable of smartly regulating and, by so doing, increase purchase prices.

Years of acquiring know how and an expert team of top analysts mean we can react to market dynamics flexibly and trade electricity at maximum effectiveness. That is what enables us to sustain favourable and above-standard prices for our customers in the long run and at the same time create advantageous conditions for our partners on the production side of the equation.

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obchodní ředitel společnosti ELDACO

Naše společnost již 20 let úspěšně buduje větrné elektrárny a stará se o jejich provoz. Vedle toho stojíme za projektem sdílení elektromobilů, které nabíjíme čistou energií. V Nano Energies jsme našli partnera, který sdílí stejné hodnoty, a navíc je odborníkem v oboru. To je kombinace k nezaplacení

Producer under 30kW

Above-standard purchase prices and no hassle administration

  • With Nano Energies you have the opportunity to use 100% green electricity while selling off your surpluses for 500 CZK/MWh (VAT not included). Your very own source combined with our supply of electricity from renewable resources, as part of the Green for planet tariff, give you the guarantee that what you use every day is environmentally-friendly electricity.
  • Even if you aren't interested in taking green electricity from us, we can still offer you a nice 250 CZK/MWh (VAT not included) for your surpluses.
  • In any case, with us you are sure that you will not spend your time with administration associated with issuing invoices.
  • We have devised a special automatic invoice system to make all the necessary admin as easy as possible for you. Just two clicks and a new invoice is born with the money automatically sent to your account. Couldn't be more simple!

What other advantages do you get with us?

  • To us, every customer is unique. We offer our customers fair and open-ended contracts.
  • You will have access to a convenient overview of what you produce in our user portal.
  • We will arrange your transfer from a previous supplier for you.

Producer over 30kW

We interact with our customers individually and give them favourable purchase prices as well as the added benefit of no-worry admin.

  • We are able to offer very favourable purchase prices in the long run thanks to the fact that we assess every customer's production individually.
  • We offer one of the highest purchase prices on the market for stable sources.
  • If you are flexible timewise, we can regulate the activity at your source to great efficiency and thus offer you a significantly higher purchase price as part of our Smart Control programme.

We will be more than happy to give you an individual price calculation. In order for us to be able to process your request, please upload a diagram of your hourly our quarter-hourly data for the past 12 months. If you do not have a diagram that you could use, don't worry, just contact us directly for more information.

What other advantages do you get with us?

  • To us, every customer is unique and we interact with our customers individually. We offer yearly or multi-year contracts and transparent conditions.
  • You will have access to a convenient overview of what you produce in our user portal.
  • Favourably selling off your surpluses is not contingent on you taking electricity from us, but if you would be interested, we will be more than happy to offer you our electricity generated from renewable resources.
  • Our unique Smart Control programme enables very effective regulation at your production source and thus significantly increases the purchase price.

Purchasing electricity from co-generation units

Unique solutions to the regulation and purchase of electricity from co-generation units at unrivalled prices

  • As part of the Smart Control programme, we control your co-generation unit at a distance based on the terms we mutually agree on. Its running is then at its most effective.
  • The co-generation unit will initiate production at times when there is a shortage of electricity in the grid and when purchase prices are highest. Electricity usage will happen at times when market prices are lowest.
  • This smart way of control will bring you the advantage of purchase prices for electricity from your co-generation unit that are up to tens of percents higher than those that would be achieved under standard operation settings.

What does Smart Control mean for co-generation units? And what other advantages do we offer?

  • Thanks to the long term precision of our electricity market analytics, we can predict with utmost accuracy what future hourly rates for electricity will be. It is based on this know how that we can dynamically control your co-generation unit.
  • The more flexible your co-generation unit is timewise, the better our purchase prices get.
  • To us, every customer is unique and we interact with each customer individually. We offer yearly or multi-year contracts and transparent conditions.
  • You will have access to a convenient overview of what you produce in our user portal.


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