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Nano Energies celebrates 10 years on market, establishes new green offices in central Prague

Czech-based modern energy innovator moves to new eco offices in Prague city center

Prague, September 27, 2018 – The Czech modern energy innovator Nano Energies is celebrating 10 years on the energy market at the end of September. The company has moved its headquarters to the 6th floor of the new DRN building in the heart of Prague. A team of 50 energy analysts, IT engineers and customer care officers will now be working from new office space designed by Pavel Kříž and inspired by the building’s green roofs and facades and as well as by Nano Energies’ very own philosophy and sustainable mode of operations.

“Technology and nature belong together. For the past 10 years we have been showing how interconnected they are through modern energy innovations,” said Nano Energies CEO Petr Rokůsek, who founded the company 10 years ago with the ambition to use technology as an ally of nature and thus minimize the impact of human activity  and create a sustainable environment for our children. “The work we do is now mirrored in our new creative space. The center of a large city may also be an inspirational green space full of energy that gives back to nature,” added Rokůsek.

The office design was created by Pavel Kříž of Studio Komplits, the architect of the famed Entreé restaurant in Olomouc. The result demonstrates the harmony of technology and nature and their natural intertwining as well as the courage to look outside the box. You can see flower beds freely flowing through a central space, green moss growing on the walls and a grand tree, under whose crown shines a holographic wall with graphs and charts, overseen 24/7 by electricity traders active on six European spot markets.

“We wanted to show that we can be liberated in our work, when we stop building walls between nature and technology. The energy of our shared work and creativity in such space is much purer and stronger,” explained the architect Kříž, who is also a master designer of atypical furniture, lighting features and office equipment, which is made to order by local Czech manufacturers and gardeners.

The DRN building itself can be found on Narodni street near the Vltava river and Czech National Theater. It was created by architect Stanislav Fiala, who added a green relaxation zone on the roof and grass terraces.

Nano Energies is well known as a successful energy trader as well as an innovative company that has managed to fulfill seemingly impossible visions. Since its founding , the company has managed to enter six spot markets in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and Slovakia, and plans to extend  its trading model further in the near future. Nano Energies consistently reports double digit growth in revenues.

For five years, Nano Energies has been the first on  the Czech market providing smart energy control management to SMEs and enterprises with flexible energy demand. In fact, the company serves as a flexibility aggregator as defined by the EU’s new legislation.

The company is also registering growing customers interest for 100% green energy which it has been producing from local resources and delivering to households and firms since 2008.

Nature’s power helps Nano Energies, and the company wants to give back. Therefore, the energy innovator donates 10% of its profit to support NGOs and local civic communities. Another 10% of Nano Energies’ profit is dedicated to R&D of smart energy sharing technologies.

About Nano Energies:

Nano Energies is a modern energy company that has been trading electricity efficiently and sustainably since 2008 via three subsidiaries with the aim of bringing more freedom to businesses and consumers. The company’s shareholders are Petr Rokůsek, Tomáš Janeček and Jan Škampa.