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Free your business from ineffective and fixed long-term tariffs. Our SMART product helps customers who can produce and consume electricity flexibly save money. The price of electricity changes from hour to hour and thanks to the intelligence of our new SMART product, you can maximise your savings on the electricity that is supplied to you. We will activate your device when electricity is cheapest. If you are an electricity producer (cogeneration units), your electricity will be supplied to the system at hours when purchase prices are highest. Your profits will grow thanks to that.

Small telemetric components called SMART BOXES will be installed on regulated devices. SMART BOXES use the mobile data network to communicate at a distance. They transmit information about the device and actively control it. The system uses this data to continuously optimise the switching on of individual features with respect to every customer's mode of use. It is possible to set up the system anywhere in the Czech Republic.


  • Immediate double digit cost savings •
  • Consumption and production management based on electricity prices •
  • Simple and cost-effective installation to any device •
  • Automated distance control without required human intervention •
  • Online monitoring through our customer portal •

In order to make good use of this product, flexible consumption or production in time is key. An appliance cannot be regulated if it is constantly switched on. The more flexible customers are in their consumption, the more they save. It is also necessary to have a connection to the distribution network through type A or B interval metering (to enable continuous monitoring), a reserve capacity of at least 100 kW, and transfer responsibility for deviations to the solution provider

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Our SMART solution uses highly accurate forecasts to initiate power consumption and regulate the electricity flow into the grid. In doing so, Nano Energies contributes to the stability of the whole power system in the Czech Republic. Clear predictions of our customers’ consumption patterns and electricity production minimise the prevalence of unplanned deviations that are otherwise fined by the OTE (a body responsible for the assessment of deviations caused by system imbalances in the Czech electrical grid). Effective regulation and deviation settlement can be sources of financial gain. Our customers save a considerable amount of money on operating costs connected with electricity consumption.

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